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Asia’s Premier
Talent Search Partner

Talent Legal is one of Asia's premier talent search consultancy with a wide array of corporate clients. Our expertise is in the legal, financial, real estate and corporate industries. Our success stems from our core values of Trust, Transparency and Human Touch, expressed through our close client-partnerships and our drive for deep search & excellence.

Connecting Talents

Our DNA is made of grit and agility. We connect talents worldwide through our team’s insights, knowledge and insatiable desire to search deeply. We study our clients’ culture, values and needs and provide the best-equipped talent to add value to our clients. Where speed is needed to expedite business, we are agile and nimble to fulfil needs. There is every reason to work with us.

Trusted Partner

Our strength is in establishing strong partnerships with our clients, building trust and creating opportunities for both clients and candidates.

Transparent Process

Our hallmark is in our process of transparency and integrity to our clients. But to our candidates, it will be a deep-seated confidentiality.

Human Touch

Beyond search, we provide the human touch even in digital processes, offering guidance, accountability and openness in collaborative client relationships.

Deep Dive

We go beyond our networks and data pool to search for the right talent. We are an agile team that searches widely to provide a quality workforce.

Innovative Efficiency

We embrace innovative security and efficiency measures to speed up processes and approvals. Whether it is a job for remote working or at an office, we are able to expedite placements.

Tech Savvy

Based in Asia, we flow with the heartbeat of the digital world, connecting with clients and candidates anywhere, anytime.

Transparency Process

Deep Search

Working hand-in-hand with our clients, we search deep and wide into our records and networks. We evaluate them with the finest comb and determine the most suitable candidates that fits best for our clients.

Assess & Shortlist

Our consultants will prepare a confidential candidate profile for each candidate presented for client review. Besides providing a truthful evaluation on the candidates, our consultant will also assist in the coordination of interviews.

Closure & Guarantee

When final candidates are selected, we work with clients to review top candidates. We will support all negotiation and follow-up till successful candidates are confirmed and onboarded.

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Great things in business are never done alone. They're done by a team of people.

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