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Trust. Transparency. Human Touch

Our DNA is made of grit and agility. When we search, we spread our wings and laser-focus on the needs of clients.

With a growing clientele list in various industries, the firm has expanded its expertise to the Banking, Private Wealth, Financial, Real Estate and Corporate industries, amongst others, to be in tandem with our clients’ growth.

Legal Sector

Partners & Associates

Talent Legal’s strength lies in finding the right Partners and Associates for the right firm. The search spans across Asia and beyond, for large multi-national corporations or boutique law firms. Our wide network enables us to swiftly place the right fit for our clients, whether it is for an individual placement or for a Team set-up. These are only possible through our years of experience in understanding corporate cultures deeply and meeting unique requirements. The end game is often a tripartite win: for our clients, candidates and us.

Paralegal & Business Support

Talent Legal has a highly specialist placements team ensuring quick turnaround for key Paralegal and Support Roles. Combining our long-established networks with local market knowledge, our consultative approach and search methodologies, we are the key choice for legal jobseekers as well as a diverse range of clients.

In-House Legal Counsels

Talent Legal has established strong connections with Fortune 1000 companies and multinational corporations to best support them in their In-House Counsel needs. This has enabled our clients to have peace of mind in getting the right legal candidates for this important core support function.

Risk & Compliance

Talent Legal has an unparalleled track record of placing hundreds of Compliance professionals at different staff levels ranging from Chief Compliance Officers at multi-national corporations, top-tier firms to local setups.  Our expertise includes professionals in the Accounting & Finance, Audit, Corporate Governance, Credit, Legal, Regulatory, Risk Management, SOX and Tax fields.

Real Estate & Financial Institutions

Real Estate / Property Developers

Working with real estate and property developers in turnkey projects has been one of the fastest growing thrusts in our portfolio. Talent Legal has served many leading developers in this area, and are confident that we provide the best of the best in all levels of executive functions in real estate management and property development.

Private Equity & Asset Management

Talent Legal has harnessed experience in providing the best of talents in private equity and asset management. We ensure our talents are nimble to make well-timed investment decisions to grow our clients’ finances and portfolio. We also ensure our talents are able to work with several investors to invest and diversify portfolios, giving higher and better capital options to our clients.

Trust Fiduciary, Trustee

Talent Legal has placed talents in managing trust fiduciaries and trustees. We ensure the talents are able to serve our clients by preserving good faith and trust, and also uphold ethical practices to protect the best interests of our clients.

Private Wealth & Family Offices

At Talent Legal, family matters. We treat clients in private wealth and family offices as ‘family’. We search deeply for respectable talents that are able to cut through complexities to present a consolidated roadmap for our clients. More importantly, we ensure the wealth of the current and future family are preserved through exceptional talents that manage family governance and legacy.

Corporate Secretarial

Talent Legal has established an extensive network of Corporate Secretarial candidates who understand the challenges of this function in different geographical markets. We have a keen eye on those who are highly adaptive and agile, in order to benefit our clients in various parts of the world.

Funds Accounting

Talent Legal has provided talents with deep experience in a wide spread of asset classes, and smart strategies to deal with the demands of our clients’ clients. Our talents are also adept at handling end-to-end fund administration and services with global coverage.